Geri's Game

Gabriel apodaca 4th

Movie Moment

After Geri won the chess game, why does he ask for his teeth back.

He lost them in a previous match and won them back


What is the main problem?

He dosen't have anyone to play chess with

Person vs. Self


Geri In the park

Rising action #1

Geri is switching seats

Rising action #2

Mean Geri kepts on taking nice Geris pieces

Rising action #3

Mean Geri laughs at nice Geris while tring to find out where to move


Nice Geri fakes a heart attack

Falling action #1

Nice Geri turns the board around when mean Geri isn't looking

Falling action #2

Nice Geri surrounds mean Geris last piece


Mean Geri loses and Nice Geri gets his teeth back from himself