John Burgoyne

By Emily DuFrane

3 Important facts about John Burgoyne

  1. John entered the army at age 15
  2. May 1757 John was ranked captain of the coldstream Gaurds
  3. May 25 1772, John was ranked mojor generol

Family life

  • John was the eldest child in his family
  • He had gotten his education at Westminster in England

Role in Revolution

  • John was sent to America and witnessed the battle of Bunker hill
  • He was marching south in the battle of Saratoga and started to run out of supplies- that is how the British lost that battle

Life After Revolution

  • he was a play write meaning that he wrote plays
  • he wrote about two plays

Famous For

  • he was famous for being in the war of Saratoga (the British lost)
  • John was in the seven years witch was the french and Indian war

Patriot or Loyalist

  • John was a loyalist that means he was loyal to the king
  • he was a British solder that 2 battles in the war