North West Mounted Police

By: Alyssa, Haley and Derek

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The North West Mounted Police established law and order. They also took care of the prairie fires.

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What Did They Do

The North West Mounted Police did a lot of things. They established law and order and collected customs due. They also supervised the treaties between the First Nations people and the Federal government. Another thing they did is fight diseases and prairie fires. That’s what the North West Mounted Police did. We got that information from
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How Long Were They In Existence

The North West Mounted Police have been in existence for less than 25 years. Their existence was questioned because of the commander of the field force. The commander wanted to replace them with Militia. We got that information from

How Many People Were Involved

Back in 1873 until 1904, there were close to 140 men turned into officers in the Northwest Mounted Police (NWMP) including 21 medical doctors and 2 veterinarians. Later in 1885, nearly 50 more officers joined. In another year, another 17 more officers were hired another dozen after that. Clearly, the NWMP had a big crew. We found that information on

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How They Were Sometimes Killed

The NWMP members were often killed by getting thrown off their horse. They would also be kicked in the head. If they fell of their horse, they could also get stepped on. That was 3 common ways for them to get killed. We found that information from

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The RCMP has their own tartan.

How They Got Around

The way that the North West Mounted Police got around was by horse. In the winter they got around by dogsled. We got that information from

Did You Know

1. Woman firs engaged as regular members of the RCMP in 1974?

2. It was first established in 1873?

3. That a saddle cloth or cloth is called a shabrack?

4. That the brad of the RCMP “MP” fused together was registered in 1887?

5. The last dog sled patrol was in 1969?

6. The son of the famous novelist Charles Dickens was a member of the NWMP?

7. The RCMP has its own tartan?

8.the first person to join was Samuel Benfield Steele in 1873 and stayed for 40 years?