Peek of the Week

Sept. 19th-23rd


This week was quite a challenge for our kiddos. They learned valuable lessons about responsibility, time management, and figuring out how we do our best work.

These kids have made some great strides in figuring out how to engage in challenging tasks and to persevere, no matter how hard it may be. We're so proud of them!! This next week, we will have CAMP character Monday-Thursday, so they will get an extra dose of character education outside of our regular classroom.

Thank you for your participation and support!

Mrs. Raj

Mrs. Young

This week in class...

In reading, we will begin thinking deeply about fiction. We will read different types of fiction, paying special attention to the significant events that advance the story, and cause and effect.

In writing, we will begin writing about what we read. Writers think deeply about what they're reading and immerse themselves in the story in order to write about it.

In social studies, we will wrap up our Geography of the US unit and begin learning about how and why European explorers came to the New World.

In math, students will continue adding and subtracting whole numbers, decimals and fractions with unlike denominators.

In science, we are conducting paper towel investigations using the scientific method. We will create a virtual science fair board using Power Point.

Raj's Class Assignments

Due This Week:

Sept. 23: Reading further page in Social Studies map challenge packet due (map challenges were done in class). Turn in entire map packet.

Due Next Week:

Sept. 29th: Spelling Homework due; Book report #3 due (Favorite Author)

Young's Class Assignments

Due This Week:

Sept. 23: Math packet #3 due.

Due Next Week:

Nothing at this time. We will update you via remind should this change.

What's Going on Around School?

Turn in all corrected assignments on Monday, Sept. 19th because progress reports will go home on Thursday, Sept. 22nd. Keep an eye out for those!

The school-wide fundraiser ends on Friday, Sept. 23rd!

Community Night at 5 Guys Burgers and Fries will be on Tuesday, Sept. 27th at 5 pm. We hope to see you there!

Also, the students have a holiday on Friday, Sept. 30th.

Character Corner

Word of the Week-Self-respect

Word of the Month-Respect