Flute Business

Vanessa Narmah

Flute solo project

Johann Kernberge was engaged by the Prussian chapel. During 1789-1741 Johann spent time studying and performance and composing with J.S. Bach. In 1758 he obtained the major portion of his life. Philipp had a conventional musical and general education that had included organs studies with J.P. Kellner. Johann was born in April 24th,1721 and died On July 27th, 1741.

My Song Choice: MY song choice was menuett. Menuett means a slowly pattern dance. The song has 24 slurs and 22 rests. This song has 2 mezzo forte 3 piano and 2 forte.

About myself:I have 1 sister named Kaylee. My mom named Lee and my dad named W. I am 11 years old and Live in North Dakota I have a flute teacher named Mrs. Stotts.

Reflection: In this I actually understood that you actually have to study the song. I really enjoy having to understand every single bit of a song not just oh it's that note and just play as I go.

What does it mean?: Piano~piano means to play softly

Mezzo Piano~ Mezzo piano means not to loud by not to soft.

Forte~ forte means to play loud.

Mezzo forte ~ Mezzo forte means moderately loud

Thursday, May 12th, 9pm

1717 40th Avenue South

Fargo, ND