Chase Farms' Weekly Newsletter - Week 3; May 31-June 6, 2015

Notes from the Field

Where's all the water gone? It's so hot and dry. Even after you've stripped down to the bare essentials and sometimes less (hehehe), it's still so hot lately. Recently, we've been asked my family and close friends, how this dry weather has ben affecting the farm. Our simple answer is usually just, "Oh it is not too bad but definitely a struggle." However, when we say that, what we really mean is that we're getting steamrolled, pulverised and scorched. Pun intended.

Luckily for us, unlike many of the other small farmers in Barbados, we do have a well, over a 100 feet deep, which allows us to water the produce. Hundreds of lines of hoses and drip lines are connected in an intricate system (sometimes too intricate for my liking), which we use to direct water to different areas on the farm. Of course, the electricity bill will be a bit higher for these past weeks but at least our seedlings and plants will be receiving much needed water.

Other than that, things have been running pretty smoothly. Summer is quickly coming in and so are many of those delicious summer time fruits we all love to eat. Golden apples, plums, mamie apples, avocado pear, ackees and so many more.

Oh, and we're so excited as it's our first week of pick-up for your vegetable and fruit box. Remember, first pick up of the month is this Saturday, 6th June from 8 am - 2 pm. There's still space and time for you to join as well. To sign up, just visit the website at Or send us an email at Spaces are limited, so contact us today.

In good health,

Bernard & Asha Chase

What's in the share - Our best guess

Mangoes : All varieties- Pawee, mango long, julie, mango rose,grey hum, celon

Jalapeno peppers, Pumpkin, Okras, Eggplant, Passion fruit, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, breadfruit,