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Review on England

England is a well renound country that has many treasures. England is known for numerous things especially its educational institutions. England has countless tourist attractions like the Big Ben tower, England is even on of the most attractive countries I know, England is even more beautiful in the night. Well we don't want to spoile anymore information than we already have so let's get started.

Caption: England original Flag


  • Anglo was the first person to remain alive in England
  • Anglo was originally from 3 tribes
  • The Jutes
  • The Saxons
  • The Anglels

Caption: Picture od Saxons and few of his tribe members

Special Holidays

  • Similar Holidays
  • ST. Gerorge Day
  • Story Line
  • Bonfire day
  • The queens official birthday

Caption: A picture of St. George day in England which shows England people fighting a dragon


  • The English has many inventions that are still used till this very day
  • Most iventions were presumed In 1925
  • The first train was built by Richard Trevithick holds over 10 tons and 70 people
  • First telephone was made by Alexander Graham and patended in 1876
  • It was a competition between Alexander Graham and Elisha Gray

Caption: People working together to create something historical


  • England shares a land border with Scotland
  • England lies North west of Irish sea and Celtic sea lies south west
  • England is a big country so it took most of the central and southern parts of the island of Great Britain
  • There were all sorts of religions for England some are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Paganism and many more

Caption: Shows how people were treated horribly because of there religion and color


  • People in England eat multiple and unique kinds of food
  • The eat all sorts of delicious food such as, butter with toast or margarine, sandwiches, fish and chips and various more
  • For them tasty foods are vegetates and fruits , I get fruits but veggies!

Caption: Picture of fish and chips this was there main meal for the day


  • England has a male and female national clothing they were western styled clothing
  • In England jeans and t-shirts are not allowed in any restaurant or nightclub
  • Certain clothes worn in the UK are used to protect you from certain injuries occurring
  • Most clothes were designed for certain celebrations

Caption: Women's western clothing, Women mainly had to were dresses like this


  • Westminster Abbey, this was known to be a goth school which opened up in 1090, this has also been a coronation church, this was there final resting place of 17 monarchs
  • The Peck Water Quadrangle, Christ Church, pastors and architects were very eager to design and model a religious building, so this very church was made by them and permitted by Dean Aldrich
  • All Saints, Margaret Street, This was a church for kids in grade 1 it was listed as an Anglican church for London, it was built between 1850-1859 and it was designed by William Butterflied
  • Ditherrington Flax Mill, This building was the first iron farmed building, during the 18th century all the mill machines burnt down because of the quality the other building had.


  • The England fag represent 3 individual flags and 3 parts of the same flags,this flag was originally called Union Jack to represent administration for countries in Union Jack.
  • Queen Elizabeth, she is the daughter of Queen Elizabeth 1, she has multiple siblings and numerous children well actually 4, and sh has been married a few times now and then.
  • Crown Of Jewels, This crown was worn for formal occasions. This crown is worth 44.5 billion dollars. This crown is held at the top of London's Tower since 1303, after it was stolen in 1671
  • The Three Lions was the early coat of arms and has been apart of England since the 11th century
  • The Big Ben Tower, this tower is 96 metres. This tower was built while charles was watching westminster burn down


  • THese particular holidays have been around for hundreds of years
  • Some of these holidays are similar to the holidays we celebrate here in canada
  • they celebrate holidays such as
  • Good Friday, May Day, Spring bank holiday, summer bank holidays, easter and the one everybody knows Christmas

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We hope you enjoyed our presentation on smore, we enjoyed putting this presentation together. We loved learning about England, so we hope you enjoyed learning about Eng;and as much as we did. :)