PBSES Newsletter

March 26th, 2021

Happy Friday!

This Newsletter will cover:

  • Highlights from the PD
  • Tools for Connection
  • BEISY Update
  • Great Kids Reminders
  • Don't Forget...
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Highlights from the PD

If you were unable to attend the PD, please check out the link above. There are valuable resources that help cultivate connection, collaboration and celebration! Please reach out if you would like to consult about solutions to improve Tier 1 systems that cultivate collaboration, connection and celebration.

A Tool for Connection

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Be Funky!

Be Funky is a great visual connection tool! If you were at the PD, you got a chance to use and make your own visual story. This tool is great for connecting to the content, as well as the story of your students! Click here to check it out!

BEISY Update

There has been a couple of hickups with the BEISY spreadsheets. Please hold off on completing the BEISY until you have recieved an email from Heather noting everything is up to date. There will also be an instructional video sent! The K/1 due date has been extended to 4/2! Thank you for your patience!!

Great Kids Reminder

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Please have your Great Kids submissions in before Thursday at 4pm, otherwise those names will be held until next week. We have modified the certificates to show the name of the person nominating the student as well! If you haven't gotten a chance, check out the Great Kids Wall up on the second floor! Another Great Kids wall will be coming to a downstairs location soon.

Don't Forget...

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