Mrs. Faccio's Classroom Newsletter

Dec. 4, 2014

What's Up in the Classroom?

Reading - Students have been working on determining the main idea of a text. They are using the GIST model to pull out the who, what, where, why, how and when questions. They take this information and turn it into a 20 word summary (a few less or more words are fine).

Writing - First persuasive essay paragraphs are done and we are adding on paragraph 2 and 3. Students are expected to state their opinion, support it with 3 reasons and 3 explanations for all 3 of the reasons.

Math - We've started our algebra unit. Students are learning to write equations with variables to help solve word problems. They are also learning to balance equations and the difference between equal and unequal equations.

Science - Electricity is still the topic of study. Students have completed all the lessons and are working on building their flashlights. Their final test will be before winter break and it will consist of a written test and a t.v. commercial about their flashlight.

Spelling - Students are in new sort groups based on their last spelling inventory. They will be tested again in January and moved accordingly.


We are planning to do our MAP testing early this year. Normally, we do this test towards the end of January but since we have multiple tests to do this year, we are moving MAP to December. Students will do our new Badger 3-8 practice and NAEP test in January. Our winter MAP test is simply a check point to help determine my instruction with the students.