By: Maddison Hershey

What is Equestrian?

Equestrian comes from the Latin word meaning horse man, and the sport has to be in FEI. FEI is, the people that are over the event. This sport is important because this sport is famous, they have this event in the Olympic Games. This sport can get expensive because you have to mantian a horse. In the Olympic Games they show off their skills to all of their fans to get people to scream for them. The riders say it helps them compete, and get bettering the event! To get more information on this topic go to http://www.wikipedia.org
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Cross Country!

In Equestrian their is a event called Three-day-event. The second days the most exciting Cross Country! In Cross Country you have to jump some poles out in the woods, and not fall off your horse! This event is the ultimate equestrian challenge for horse and rider. The poles have to be at least five feet tall, and one jump over water. The rider says that's is the most fun of the three-day-events! They will always compete in events that has Cross Country!