Zambie Apocolypse

Zambies: will you make it????

Every day for the rest of your life

You can be in complete danger by a zambie.


Q: What is the best place for a "Zambie" apocalypse?

A: Any of these three regions:

Rocky Mountains

Costal Range

Basin and Range

Where do you go?

Where To Go!!

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Rocky Mountains... Will you die?


It is great to be on top of things (no pun intended) because you can get to get a scope of what is going on like intruders non zombies and other intruders as in zombies.

it isn't great because you could get pushed off the Rockies or get clumsy and fall off them... Just saying that you could be randomly dancing and fall off... DON'T LAUGH AT ME.... you could be surviving and be he only human left. Yay for you!

9.1-Not the best for dancing on mountains.


They are rugged and pointy mountains. They also contain the Continental Divide which divides the direction to east or west depending on the side of the Rockies the rivers are on. It is the third western region in the United States. Finally it is the youngest mountain range in North America.

Basin and Range...Is it survivable?


Great because Death Valley is there and our Zambie friends will burn to death!!
Not great because you too can burn to death if you don't come prepared! Why? It is because of heat over-heating in your body which causes heat-stroke. It is also good because the zombies will burn and you with at least 5 gallons of water by your side, with popcorn, watching those zambies buuuuurrrnnn. Finally, it is a good source of comfort with the heat. ( if you think about it.)

What is the basin and range? well it has isolated mountain ranges such as the end of the Rocky Mountains region.The lowest point in North America called Death Valley. Death Valley is below sea level.

9.1 rating- not the best time to be dancing in the heat

Costal Range... Is it gonna be risky?


Great because you can swim to nearby islands or ake a boat to Hawaii. Not-so-great because you could die easily because of heat stroke. Or you could die of drowning. Or you could sit on a floaty tube while you watch zambies sink... Siyonara zambies!


Stretches from Alaska to Mexico. Located along the Pacific Coast. Rugged mountains, fertile lands. Valleys and rocky beaches. The mountains ranges are the Sierra Mountains and the Cascade Mountains.

9.9 - time to dance on the mountains... foreva!

If there is gonna be a Zambie apocolypse, you gotta be prepared!

  • use these helpful ideas to SURVIVE,QUONCER,AND LOVE zambie apocolyses.
  • food
  • water
  • shelter
  • a island
  • weapons
  • cloth
  • wood
  • fire starters
  • moss for camo
  • friends for plans entertainment and HUMAN SHEILDS
  • white boards+ markers
  • fishing rod


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The comic was the best edutaing piece in the world, The piece was very interesting the way the people at CDC produced the comic. I loved the way that they made the comic seem like was a dream, I also loved that it was very climatic. Also it was very funny, climatic, entertaining, and dramatic. Finally it was very informative the way it was using the CDC for the source!


So, We have learned the was of the zombie, where to go, and what to do.

So, can you be tested? If yes, take these quizzes and personality tests to see what you've done!


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You beat the Zambies!


Love Bethybob