5B Newsletter

April 23-26

This week in reading students are doing a literature circle with the novel, Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. Students have required nightly reading and a job they need to complete prior to meeting with their group the next day. We will spend about 2 weeks completing this novel.

In writing, students are learning about varying examples of poetry. They have learned about Haikus, Limericks, Couplets, Free Verse, Cinquains and Quatrains so far. They have also written many examples of these styles of poetry. They are doing an incredible job!

In fifth grade math, students are finishing up volume and working on area. Students will be expected to use their measuring skills to discover the length and width of shapes to calculate the area. We will not be having math on Thursday due to the Granger visit.

In accelerated math, students are testing tomorrow and then will be complete their transfer task on Wednesday. We will not be having math on Thursday due to the Granger visit.

In spelling, I shared which words I would be testing the students on due to it being a short week. They still should review all the words, and know the definitions.

In social studies we are reading about the start of the Civil War. Students are bust taking notes and completing activities. We will complete a study guide tomorrow and then the test will be on Thursday.