Calcio Per Sempre

Where the best footballers live

Command economy

Calcio per sempre is under the rule of the king Puyol,the legendary footballer from barcelona.

  • you will get paid $7,000 each day
  • your work is playing football
  • you get a raise if you perform good
  • who dosent want to be with the best of the world?
  • 83% of kids come out to be the best or play pro right now
This is Football - The Beautiful Game

What do you do to become a citizen

to become a citizen in calcio per sempre you have be the following.

  • a footballer
  • a good footballer
  • are willing to be coach by anyone
  • show pride and effort in everything that they are doing
  • play with all your heart.

when you become a citizen

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price of living here

$1,200 for rent

$500 for uniform each year

$100 for food daily

$50,000 if you arent a good player

Cons of calcio per sempre

  • If you do not follow instructions of training you will be taken off the island.
  • you have to at least be 75 rated player and up
  • you dont get to choose who you play with
  • you get paid in how good your matches are


will be trained by buffon in roma,Italy


my country is where people go to become the best and its better than other country because we have professionals working with you and the best quality living in the world.

we take futbol really serious and we see a better future for it.