Scary story Book 1

By: Brielle Kurtz

Chapter 1: The beary scary begining

"Woo" the wind whispers as James and his dad walked cautiously hunting for Elk and Deer." Ahh"...

"Ahh a Black Bear!" Dad screamed at the top of his lungs. " Run as far away from the village as you can, we don't want to put everyone in danger." Yelled dad.

James felt like he had ran for hours when he asked his dad "Is he gone yet?" His dad didn't answer "Dad?" He turned around to see the bear about to swallow him whole.

He ran and ran until he couldn't catch his breath."(Pant) My leg (Pant pant) Hurts really (Pant) Bad." He looked down to find the Black Bear had scratched his leg and it was gushing out Blood! "Oh no!"

Chapter 2: The little town

After he walked a while he stumbled upon a little town so he went to look around for a doctor. As he looked around all he saw was houses, a shoe store and a clothes store. He went in to each store and they where abandoned.He went to look by the houses and knocked on a door know one answered so he went inside to look around.

He went up a small staircase and found two big rooms and a bathroom down a hall then he went back downstairs and found a kitchen a bathroom and a small work room.

He found a old computer in the work room and tried to turn it on. He watched it load and then it went beep beep and a possum jumped out on to his back. "Ahh." he screamed so loud another one jumped on his face, hissed and peed. He grabbed a old baseball bat and hit both of the possums until they jumped off and scurried away. "Fhu."

Chapter 3: The Mob

About 15 minutes later a huge mob of possums, squirrels, chipmunks, birds, cows, and bison trotted over and attacked he ran faster then he ever had in his life. He was so scared that he almost peed his pants.

He ran to the house he had explored earlier. BANG the door slammed behind him. He ran up the stairs into one of the bedrooms, locked himself inside, hid under the old covers to the bed and said in his mind "This is not happening, I am dreaming I'll just wake myself up SLAP SLAP "OUW OUW" did it work am I in my bed I will open my eyes 3, 2, 1 "NOOOO its not a Dream" He just sobbed and sobbed until he was out of tears. Why cant I just be a normal 11 year old boy I want to go back to school with my friends and nice 5th grade teacher Mr.Abe Lincoln. :(

BANG BANG BANG POOO HISS GROWEL " O NO they got in ,they found me!" He whispered to himself. AAHHH "they are in, the possums and birds are in the room." He said in his mind. His thoughts were rushing by he felt like his head was about to explode!

YAUN "What happened?" " Did I fall asleep because I was so nervous and scared?" YAUN " I am going to see if there is food in the kitchen." " Lets see here, is there anything good?" " Possum, squirrel, chipmunk. I think I will have Possum. Wait what possum, uh oh. NOOOOOO!!!" SIGH" I'm going to go back to sleep, I really do not want to deal with this right now." thunk thunk thunk " Good Night" SNORE SNORE

Chapter 4: The way back home/ The Stranger

The next day he woke up and went down stairs to see if there was anything to eat other than possums. " Yum pancakes, I wonder if they are expired lets see." " best by march 3rd, 1815, these are way past expiration date its October 19, 1826." I'm going to explore some more now." he said to himself.

About 15 minutes later he found a door so he opened it to see what it was to. It was a stair case to a basement cool. He slowly went down the stairs. CREAK CREAK the stairs were clearly older than him. He turned on the lights and watched them flicker on. " AWSOME!" he yelled. " A pool table a ping pong table an air hockey table a mini golf station. Then he saw 4 more doors. The first one opened to a cellar. the second one opened to a awesome dance floor with a disco ball and DJ set. The third one opened to a room with a bunch of Junk. The last one opened to a room full of eyes staring strait at him. Suddenly a hand went over his mouth and pulled him backwards. " Ouch, hey kid what was that for, why did you bite me?!" The stranger yelped. " Because I don't know you, your a stranger." " Hi I am Kevin, we got off on the wrong hand, who are you?" " I am James I am from the village called Loo Loo Village it's weird name ain't it." Said the boy. " I have heard of that place. "Said Kevin

" In fact I saw a map around here to get from here to there will you help me look for it?" " sure do you live here or something?" " Yep." Kevin said. CRASH RUMMIGE RUMMIGE BOINK." Found it!" Yelled Kevin. "Then lets go!" Said James.

They ran with the directions from the map and a compass. About 2 hours later they found a pile of Bones! SNIFF SNIFF " Those are my dads bones, the bear got him." SOBB SOBB " I am so sorry about that." Kevin said trying to comfort him. " At least I know we are close to home." Said James. " Good way to stay on the bright side kid." Said Kevin

" Mom!!!" screamed James. His mom was running towards him yelling " Are You ok James come here honey." once he got in his moms arms he did not feel as happy as he thought he would be.

" Ahhh!!!" screamed James as his mom turned into a black twisted blob trying to kill him! " What are you where is my mommy I want my real mom!!! He cried Kevin Just laughed an evil twisted laugh. Then suddenly he took off the stranger and knocked himself to the ground as a black gas. He was one too he was controlling James's mom!

Chapter 5: The Last Chance

I had to fight back to get my mom back. POW PUNCH KICK KICK . Then suddenly my controlled mom went " SHRIEK I love you James just let them take me I need you to be safe! " No mom I wont leave you I need you dad died a bear got him!" " Then I will fight back like know one has seen before!!!" POW PUNCH CRACK POW SHRIEK OUCH POW BOOM CRASH. " Wow." Who knew my mom would be so good at that. :o

" Done." she said as the gases floated away into the forest. "Wow, lets go home I am really hungry." Said James.