Drugs Take You to Hell, Disguised as Heavan

What is illegal drug addiction? Why is it bad?

Illegal Drug addiction is simply when someone is heavily addicted to illegal drugs such as marijuana, meth, cocaine, and they can't stop. It's true, once you starts its very hard to stop. Drug addiction has many side affects as well. It can occur in nausea, diarrhea, constipation, drowsiness, pain in body, skin reactions, stress, depression, laziness, and so much more.
Crystal Meth: Methamphetamine (Before and After) Part 2

Affects of Drugs (meth)

Above is a video showing the affects of some people who have taken a common drug called "meth" or "crystal meth". So after watching the video does it really want you take take drugs?...

Why Do People Do Drugs?

You may be wondering why people do drugs in the first place? There are so many possible reasons, they may be going through a hard time, they might be stressed, feeling sad, celebrating, feel relief from pain, curiosity, feel confident, and they might even be bored!
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