Optical Drive

Modern optical drives

With the current generation of games played today, each gaming system requires a device to install games and play them. Despite the many modern over-priced optical devices that utilize HD features, the majority of optical drives offer multimedia solutions to run your software. An HDD is not considered an optical drive, but I have an article pertaining to hard drives, so we can clearly focus on discrete drives that offer extra functions.

An optical device is a device that creates, manipulates, or measures electromagnet radiation
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its is used to produce or controlling lighting. These discs include CDs and DVDs, which are made up of millions of small bumps and dips. Optical drives have lasers that read these bumps and dips as ones and zeros, which the computer can understand.

The optical path makes an optical drive work. The optical path is composed of three components: a laser, a lens, and a photodiode. The laser writes and reads the data. The lens guides the laser across the surface of the disc. Lastly, the photodiode detects light reflected off the disc’s surface. The drive also uses two servomechanisms, or servos — one to maintain the proper distance between the disc and laser and the other to make sure the laser is moving in a continuous spiral path.

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