Political and Economic Information

Great Britain is a constitutional monarchy

Press Freedom

  • Free
  • Their score is 24 (0 being the lowest, 100 being the highest

Act of Union

England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland waged war against each other for many years. The English eventually defeated the Scots, Welsh, and Irish and serious of Act of Unions were passed which later resulted in the United Kingdom.

Civil Rights score

  • Free
  • Freedom rating: 1 (1 being the best, 7 being the worst)
  • Civil liberties: 1 (best, 7 the worst)
  • Political Rights: 1 (best, 7 the worst)

Corruption Perception Index

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GDP in the United Kingdom was worth 2988.89 billion US dollars in 2014.

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In the United Kingdom (2014), 16.2% are under the poverty line

Happy Planet Index

  • 47.9
  • Ranked #41 of 151