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Special Announcement: 2/15 Student Holiday

2/16 Asynchrounous Learning for Fort Bend ISD

Ms. Petru's Fun Fact

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RTMS Student Council

Student Council will have their next meeting on Wednesday, Feb 17 at 8:15 am in Mr. Davis room- 803. Anyone interested in being a part of student council is welcome to attend even if you have not filled out an application. Please join our remind-

Text @rtmsstuco to 81010

Below is the link for any online students who would like to attend-

Track Season Is Here

Attention all track parents ! Please download the sportsyou app. The code is WGV8HYT4

This will be the main communication source for RTMS 7th and 8th Grade Boys Track.

Library News from Ms. Davis

Starting Tuesday, February 16, students who have forgotten their laptops at home or are having technical difficulties can checkout a computer from the library. Get a pass from your first class of the day and come to the library at 9 AM (Not before, we have morning duty). An office worker or staff member will come and collect the computer from your last class of the day by 3:45.

High School Course Selection 2021-22

The Course Selection Process is COMING SOON!!!!

Students will watch the following RPHS videos:

· Intro Video (Endorsements/Pathways) during ELA class- 2/11 (A-Day); 2/12 (B-Day)

· Core Classes Video during science class- 2/16 (A-Day); 2/17 (B-Day)

· Electives Video during US History class- 2/18 (A-Day); 2/19 (B-Day)

Course Selection Window:

· The course selection process is from 2/15 - 3/5

· Due to the pandemic, this process is 100% electronic.

· Please do not miss the window, because once the window closes, Dr. Brice cannot assist with high school course selection.

Things to do-

1. Print the 4-year Course Selection worksheet:

2. Please download the course guide-

3. The student should choose one of the endorsements listed in the Course Guide on page 3 before moving forward.

4. Then, students should enter endorsements, career plans, and alternate courses in Family Access. Please click on the link below (WeVideo) to help with this process.

5. Students should then complete the Jot Form (will be available once the window opens), which will include the same information (endorsements, career plans, and alternate courses). However, this form goes directly to RPHS counseling department.

How to fill out Jot Form Link:

A Virtual Course Selection Parent Meeting (Q & A):

Virtual Parent Meeting scheduled for 2/24 @ 6:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m.

· RPHS will create TEAMS videos for a virtual experience.

· Students can "virtually shop around" for a course of interest.

Clinic News


If you receive a letter from school nurse that states your child is non-compliant with the State of Texas immunization requirements, please submit a copy of the updated vaccine record to school clinic or email it to:

Thank you for your cooperation in the care of your child. Please feel free to contact nurse Cheng with any questions.

February Fun Calendar

Join the RTMS fun! Check out the daily theme!

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Don't Forget Your Water Bottles

As a reminder, water bottle filling stations are available for students. Please encourage your students to bring a refillable water bottle should they need water throughout the day.

Who's the Boss Winners

Congratulations to Ms. Gonzalez and Mr. Farr on being the Who's the Boss Winners! Their delicious bbq'ing skills are evident in these pictures!

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Virtual students who weren’t able to take their photos on campus have an opportunity to upload an image for inclusion in the yearbook portraits section. Each student received an email with their personalized upload link; portraits are only accepted via upload to Balfour. All photos must be uploaded by February 22 in order to be included. Please contact Susanna Jakubik with any questions.

Student Homework Help Resource

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Naming Configuration of Pre-Ap Courses

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Technology Update

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RTMS WeVideo Links for Course Selection 2021-2022

Course description videos are available now.

Session 1:

Session 2:

Ms. Torres, 7th Grade Counselor:

Ms. Jefferson, 6th Grade Counselor:

Dr. Brice, 8th Grade Counselor:



Social Studies:


Lifetime Nutrition & Wellness & Interpersonal Skills:

Principles of Applied Engineering:

Fundamentals of Computer Science:

Girls’ PE:

Boys’ PE:





Investigating Careers:







Touch System Data Entry/ Dollars & Sense:

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AVID ? What's that ?

Dear RTMS 6th and 7th Grade Parents and Guardians,

Do you have a student with college and career goals who could use academic, organizational, social, or emotional support in getting there?

If this sounds like your student, then the AVID class is a great choice for them. The AVID program is recognized nationally for its strength, and our AVID team at RTMS would love to be a part of your student’s middle school journey.

All students interested in AVID must apply, and the application is now open and available for current RTMS 6th and 7th graders.

The link is below.

The AVID Elective is an application-based class where motivated students receive organizational, academic, and personal support to succeed in academically rigorous classes. This includes the use of a planner, organization systems, note-taking skills, student led tutorials, grade checks, collaborative learning, character building, and college visits each year.

Please speak with your student to see if they would like to apply. All students who submit applications and will be interviewed to determine qualification.

The application is due March 1, 2021 and is posted on the Fort Bend ISD website or you can request an application from Mrs. Martin in room 401.

Interviews will be conducted in March prior to spring break with notification prior to the end of March.

For more information, please contact Kurllenne Martin directly at


RTMS Parent Information

Possible Quarantine Scenarios:

1. Student is exposed or tests positive, parent contacts school nurse and completes wellness survey. Student goes into quarantine. Student immediately goes on “on-line Classroom Guest” status.

2. Student assessed by school nurse/clinic, has symptoms consistent with COVID and is sent home. The student has three days to obtain a doctor’s note with a diagnosis.

a. Obtains a written diagnosis from the doctor:

· Positive for COVID – contact tracing occurs and the student does not return to school.

· Negative for COVID – student returns to school after three days.

b. Student does not go to the doctor for a medical diagnosis:

· Student will be quarantined for 10-14 days.

· Student will become a “Classroom Guest” at day four.

Work Flow Steps for COVID:

1. If the student will be out for more than three days, the student will become a “Classroom Guest.” To maintain Schoology systems, the student will receive links to an online teacher while out. However, they will continue to do the work of their F2F teacher.

2. AP will follow-up to ensure the student received links as a “Classroom Guest.”

3. Counselor will notify teachers when the student is expected back on campus to resume regular F2F instruction.

**Classroom Guest – term for new online learners who transitioned to online learning from F2F due to quarantine or medical reason.

Attendance Reminder

Please send all absent notes to:
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