4th Grade Updates!

October 12-16, 2015

Snapshot of our Week in 4th Grade

Monday - Homework is to READ READ READ!!!

Tuesday - Homework is to READ READ READ!!!

Wednesday - Homework is to READ READ READ!!!


- Thursday folders come home! If you sign the THURSDAY FOLDER and the PLANNER, your kiddo gets 2 DOJO POINTS! Be sure to check the Class DOJO point sheet in your student's binder!

Friday - Homework is to READ READ READ!

Saturday - FALL FESTIVAL!! Come to Rattan Elementary from 4-7pm for a night full of fun for the whole family!

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Please consider helping us with FALL FESTIVAL! We need BAKED GOODS, candy, and your time! Review the image above and the link below to sign up! MUCH SUCCESS is needed for our 4th grade fundraising in order to take our kiddos to Austin, Texas for the field trip in MAY!

Mrs. Pratt's Reading Riches!

This week in Reading class, we are going to be reviewing Summarizing! We will learn the TOOLS and TRAPS to Non Fiction summaries!

The Scholastic News issue this week is titled, "All For One" - Your child can access this Scholastic magazine online at www.scholastic.com/sn4. They will select "student" and use the password: coyotes444

The focus topic for the week is ANTI-BULLYING! Join us as we partner with one another to fight BULLYING!

We started the PIZZA HUT BOOK IT Challenge! Students are challenged to read 5 books in the month of October and they will earn a FREE personal size pizza from Pizza Hut!

Our Week in Math with Mrs. Robinson

This week we are starting multiplication with two digit numbers. This is BIG! On Monday we will explore three different methods. Each student may find a favorite method, or they might even excel at all three. No matter what, we will practice, practice, practice. The students will be exploring Educreations (website and an app) that will help show all three methods, so be ready to learn about these three methods!

Mrs. Crane's Week in Writing!

This week in Writing we will begin to work on elaborative segments. In order to have an exceptional narrative, we will learn that good writers will stop their story and describe a critical object, setting, or character in detail. We will learn about discovery verbs and word referents to make our stories so much better!

We will also begin to work on revising and editing passages.

In spelling we will begin Unit 5. Unit 5 focuses on /ea/ making the short sound and lots of "surprise" words. Ask your child what a "surprise" word is!

Please help your child look over their words to learn page! This page is technically their only "spelling list". Be sure to use the word in a sentence for them to spell, as most of the words are homophones! All of their spelling tests should also be found in their binders. We keep them all in there behind our spelling tab to help review for upcoming tests!


In Science we will learning about all of the different types of Energy! Our focus this week is primarily on Electric Energy! Ask your kiddos about it!
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