The Palace Of Versailles

Pronounced: ver-,vərˈsī

When you think of France, most people think of the Eiffel Tower, Paris, or maybe Marie Antoinette. What if there was one of the most impressive buildings in the world, just a mere ten miles{sixteen kilometers} from Paris? Well, there is. It's called the Place d'Armes, or more commonly known, the Palace of Versailles. Once barely more than a hunting lodge, now a Palace that was built to impress.

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The Palace of Versailles is extremely large and intricate. Since the Palace is so big, only parts of it are open to the public( In fact, the floor area is 67,000mi. Also, the Palace of Versailles sits on 17 acres of land. Even the hedges and the grass is cut in amazing swirls and designs.

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Much like today, the Palace wasn't always home to the royal family. Back in 1642, it was a small, and humble hunting lodge for the King of France and a small entourage( It wasn't until King Louis XIV's reign it was made a palace( Originally, it was his father's{King Louis XIII} hunting lodge( After King Louis XIV, King Louis XV, and King Louis XVI also added to the Palace of Versailles( However, nowadays it's the National History Museum of France.

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The Palace of Versailles has played a big part in the history of France. During the time where a monarch still ruled over France, the Palace of Versailles was the center of the royal court( Then, on June 20th, 1789, the founding act of French democracy was only a few steps away from the Place d'Armes( Later that same year, on October 6th, an angry group of Parisians{mostly women} mobbed the palaces, demanding bread( This made the King move the whole court to Paris(

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In conclusion, the Palace of Versailles is very important, although it is overlooked; even though it's only ten miles away from Paris. When people see it, it's just another palace, but no. It's not just another palace. The Place d'Armes is beautiful, and filled with history. So, if you're looking for somewhere to go to for vacation, and you want a place with both beauty and history, I recommend going to the Palace of Versailles.

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