Transpiration Lab

By: Brittany Q. / Annie R. / Katy T. / Vanessa T.

Controlled Group

Project Setup

Problem: (Class perspective) We want to see the effects on different manipulated variables. We are the controlled group.

Hypothesis: If there are no manipulated variables, then there will be no change in the leaf because there is no influence on it.

Describe how the control would be set up: The leaf would be connected to the potometer and there would be no other outside effects on the plant.

Description of 3 Constant factors used in this lab:

Graph paper - one paper for each leaf

Time- One minute intervals for fifteen minutes

Potometer- one regular potometer

Water- ¼ cup



  1. Fill potometer with water and attach leaf at the end of the tube

  2. Let leaf sit and record results every 1 minute intervals for 15 minutes. (there will be 7 data sets)

  3. Put transpiration information in table.

Manipulated variable procedure: We are the controlled group so we will not be having any manipulated variable of procedure.

Control Procedure: Are control will be at room temperature with no manipulated variables.


Big image


The leaf we used was going through osmosis already from the last period.

Our TR equalled 4.055150041e -7


Our leaf had no manipulated variable, so there was no drastic changes of water absorption or evaporation.