Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Come to beautiful Haiti for the time of your life!!!


What languages do the Haitians speak?

Haiti has two national languages, Kreol(creole) and French. French is only spoken by a small majority of the population because the French colonized them around the 1700`s. Every Haitian speaks or understands Kreol.

Haiti`s Climate

Port-au-Prince has a tropical climate, it is mostly hot all year except for winter (december-january) and hurricane season (june and october). You should pack according to the time of the year.

Haiti`s Cuisine

Come to Haiti for the most tasty and amassing food!

Rice, corn, and millet are popular cooking ingredients. They`re breakfast normally consists of locally grown coffee and sour bread. As a tradition for lunch on sundays they eat "soup jomou" or pumpkin soup. The most popular desert is corn pudding. Come to Haiti to try new food!

Tourism In Haiti

Come to amazing Haiti for beautiful tourist activity's and places to visit!

There are lots of Caves in Haiti to explore, and a very popular beach called "Labadee".

If you are more into entertainment than Haiti`s got you covered with many things to attend like concerts in the creole language and a great festival called "Mardie Gras".

Haiti`s Historicle sites

There are many musiums in Haiti but the most popular one is "Musee de Guahaba".

There is a large mountain top fortress called "Citadelle Laferriere" owned by Henry the first. Come to Haiti to learn About the Haitians history!

Culture, History, and Arts!

The Haitian people have a very unique culture!

Haiti`s people have kept there ansisters culture and joined a little influence from the French to create Haiti`s unique culture. What does "Haiti" mean?

"Haiti" comes from the word "Ayiti" which means "land of the mountains".

Haiti was the first black republic. They have about 9,000,000people living there.

Come to Haiti to learn about there unique culture!

Haiti National Anthem Vocal

This is the English translation of Haitis national anthem

For our country,
For our forefathers,
united let us march.
Let there be no traitors in our ranks!
Let us be masters of our soil.
United let us march
For our country,

For our forefathers.
For our forebears,
For our country
Let us toil joyfully.

May the fields be fertile
And our souls take courage.
Let us toil joyfully
For our forebears,
For our country.
For our country
And for our forefathers,
Let us train our sons.
Free, strong, and prosperous,
We shall always be as brothers.
Let us train our sons
For our country
And for our forefathers.
For our forebears,

For our country,
Oh God of the valiant!
Take our rights and our life
Under your infinite protection,
Oh God of the valiant!
For our forebears,
For our country.
For the flag,
For our country
To die is a fine thing!
Our past cries out to us:
Have a disciplined soul!
To die is a fine thing,
For the flag,
For our country.