3-5 RLA Newsletter

September 25, 2015

Hi 3-5 RLA Team!

Thank you for your participation in Wednesday's Professional Development session. We enjoyed collaborating with you and also know you enjoyed collaborating with each other! Thank you for your feedback and suggestions for October 19th CPD. We look forward to developing sessions aimed at improving professional practice and instruction for students. This newsletter contains updates on curriculum, a video resource for vocabulary instruction, guided reading resources, and links to Wednesday's session materials.

Let us know if you have any questions!

Tamlah and Krysten

Quarter 2 Curriculum

Quarter 2 Curriculum will be posted in final form by COB on Friday, October 2nd. You'll find all of the changes we discussed in PD yesterday including:

- Workstation suggestions

- Technology use suggestions

- Some scaffolded work to bring down text complexity or level of work expected for students

Pacing Update

We have just two more weeks before Fall Break to ensure Module 1 has been completed. If you are ahead of pace, don't start Module 2 before break. Instead, spend time reteaching missed lessons, focus on writing needs, or spend more time on targeted workstations and small group instruction. Need help? See your coach or Krysten.

Vocabulary Video

Expeditionary Learning has released several videos to support implementation of the Engage New York curriculum. The interactive word wall, demonstrated in the video below, is one way we can support vocabulary connection and scaffold students as they prepare to discuss and/or write about content. You can easily differentiate this activity by targeting words students receive, providing sentence stems for making connections, and other ways that meet the individual needs of your students. Check out the video and consider how you might want to use this strategy with your students!

Krysten Wendell

Director of Curriculum and Instruction