Playful Physics



Definition: Quantities that are fully described by both a magnitude and a direction

My Definition: Numbers that have a magnitude and a direction.


SOH: sin= opposite/ hypotenuse

CAH: cos= adjacent/ hypotenuse

TOA: tan= opposite/adjacent

Pythagorean theorem: a(squared) + b (squared) = c (squared)

General Info

Described using:

  • magnitude
  • a unit
  • direction

Displacement is described

  • an angle
  • reference direction
  • direction to turn away from the reference direction


1. A bug can jump 33 cm, suppose it makes 3 jumps of this length in the northwest direction. If the bugs northward displacement is 88 cm, what is the bug's westward displacement?

2. The landing speed of the space shuttle is 347 km/h, it lands at an 15 degree angle, what are the horizontal and vertical components of its velocity?

3. trout reached the speed of 372 km/h. he swam northwest at his speed for 8.7 s the angle was at 60 degrees what was his displacement east?

4. What was his displacement north?