Biotechnology Essay

By :Camiya fowler

What is biotechnology?

the exploitation of biological processes for industrial and other purposes, especially the genetic manipulation of microorganisms for the production of antibiotics, hormones, etc
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Biotechnology has to do with the manipulation of cells to make antibiotics and things like that .There are different types of biotechnology like cloning .I think biotechnology is interesting in a way and i don't like it in others .Biotechnology is growing drastically in our society know .Did you know you can eat biotechnology? .I did't know till I researched this subject .


There are a few types of biotechnology that come off the top of my head like cloning ,cross cropping,antibiotics .There are more though but those are the main ones that cross my mind.I think biotechnology has pros and cons .i am going to go a little into depth about to types of biotechnology i have the most interest in.Those two are cloning and cross cropping .To be honest i think cloning is kinda cool and cross cropping but i just really don't 100% like them using it on animals in plant's .I am a big lover of animals especially .Its cool but how do the animals feel about it .Things can go wrong in both of them. Like the animal could create a new disease that could turn all the animals that are the same as them and become sick and kill of that species or even transfer it to humans .On the other hand with plants they make new plant's by cross breading and they can mutate a plant or fruit and make look the exact same .There are cones to that too like if they put those foods in the market and let use humans consume it and it is like toxic or something sad to say it could kill or make a lot of people and animals sick.There are also pros like new invention new creations new food ,antibiotics and animals. On this site it tells me how Biotechnology could increase the quality of food.I think that"t a great thing as long as its all natural ;.


Biotechnology is things that are genetically mortified to make things better are essayer .Biotechnology is a growing subject in our modern days right know .There are different types of biotechnology all have to with life and economy trying to change the economies for the better . But at all ends there are pros and cons to biotechnology but scientist are finding ways to make biotechnology better so they can help the world for the better .
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