Panda PAWS 4.1

January 3-7, 2022

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Important Events for the Week:

January 3:
  • No School! Last day of Christmas Break!

January 4:

  • Teacher Work Day/No School for Students
  • Staff's first day back from break (you can wear jeans!)
  • Please take down all Christmas decorations & student work but leave up Winter decorations. :)

January 5:

  • 4th 6 Weeks Begins
  • Students' first day back from break
  • Well-deserved Wednesday for Staff
  • Free Dress Day for Students

January 6:
  • Solution Tree: RTI Academy (Gonzales, Dixon, Knutson, Mercado & Alonso)

January 7:
  • Solution Tree: RTI Academy (Gonzales, Dixon, Knutson, Mercado & Alonso)
  • 9:30/2:00 3rd 6 Weeks Perfect Attendance Glow Stick Dance Parties in cafe

Congratulations to our December Row Boat Winners!

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Procedures for shutting down campus for long break:

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Building Hours during the Winter Break:

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Shout Outs:

From Jeanette Martinez:

I am going to miss each one of you, It was a hard decision to leave when I felt at home here at Pierce. Thank you everybody for all the fun and great memories. Love you all.

From Yazmeen Aguilar:

Pierce Staff:

It’s been an honor being able to work with you all, thank you for allowing me to come into your classes to provide support whenever needed. I cannot wait to come back and continue working with you next semester! Seeing the love and patience you are able to demonstrate the little pandas has been amazing, it is very clear that all of you have a passion for teaching.

I want to thank everyone for welcoming me as a Pierce Panda and the patience you have also demonstrated with me as a new staff member. I also want to take the time to thank everyone for the baby shower gifts and everyone who helped organize it as well. I truly appreciate everything you all have done for me these past few months. Whether it was asking how baby Camila is doing or being kind enough to offer me advice. Thank you for being such an amazing supportive team, I cannot wait to see you guys again soon. Everyone please stay safe and happy holidays!

From Lourdes Fierro:

To Admin: Ms. Dickson and Mrs. Gonzales thank you for leading our campus during these COVID weird times!

Mrs. Popkin and Ms. Luna, thank you for receiving my kiddos with open arms and helping them with book checkouts and story time.

Cafeteria Staff: Muchas gracias a Nora, Maria y Liz por siempre mantener a nuestros alumnos y a las maestras sin hambre.

Nurse Karen for all the band aids and ice packs that you have to make in bulk.

SICA staff thank you for the smiles, greetings and food OMG! Y’all are going to be sorely missed!

Mrs. Bucheli a HUGE thank you for being my wingman, well ok, wingwoman. 😊

And last but certainly not least, my PreK3 Bilingual team: Eva, Li, Ana, Rocio and Marisol (at heart), y’all are THE BEST team. We may have had bumps in the road but MAN, we’ve learned to iron them out as the awesome team we are. Love you guys!

My Pierce Family MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Enjoy your wonderful break, eat, and rest A LOT!!! See you next year!!

From Ashley Pence:

Nadya- Thank you for the amazing cupcakes!

Dickson and Gonzales- Thank you for the 12 Days of Christmas gifts!

SICA TEAM- Thank you for the lunch!

Dixon and Molina- Work is even better when you get to be with close friends ❤️ love y'all

Brooke- your sense of humor is the best! Recess is always fun

Luna- Thank you for all you do for our class and getting the kids in the afternoon

Lara- For being a good friend and helping me with a baby shower!

Pierce Fam- I hope you all have a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

From Zandra Alonso:

Shout out to Pierce Staff, Have a wonderful Winter Break!

From Jennifer Dickson:

Shout out to Zandra for making sure our t-shirt order and puppet show was ready to go this week!

Shout out to Tracy for doing all the shopping for the 12 days of Christmas for staff.

Shout out to Perla & his team
for providing lunch this week.

2021: The year we became a Model PLC Campus! Congrats to everyone again! :)

I hope EVERYONE has a great two weeks off! Merry Christmas!

From Julia Popkin:

Shout out to Ms. Dickson and Ms. Gonzales for all the treats for the Twelve Days of Christmas! I enjoyed all the treats!

Shout out to SICA for the pizza! So nice of you to provide lunch for us!

Shout out to my Pierce family for all the wonderful things you do for our students! Pierce ECS is a special place!

From Yang Li:

Merry Christmas Pierce! Thank you for the amazing memories that we shared in 2021 and I hope that we create even more memories in 2022! Have a restful vacation and I will see yall in 2022!

Pierce is the Best!


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