The Real Deal Daily

By:Meera Jaber & Thelma Ayala

How I Saw It

Every words said and every moments shared went through my mind.Could I really do this?Kill my best friend.We have been through so much already,but I can't anymore.I just can't.I'm tired of running and hiding.He reached the limit.I want to help him,but it wouldn't make a difference anymore.What would we do?Run away?No.If we do,the same mistake will be repeated.What's the point on trying? I had to give up.I just want him to be in a better place and stop suffering.To escape this society full cruelty and pain.As I sat by the tree I realized the dream we once had was dead and there's no going back.I couldn't help but to tear up.As Lennie and I talked about our dream I grabbed my gun.I put it upon his head and cocked it.BANG!The smile he once had was fading away.What had I done?I guess I did the right thing.My heart was aching and tears were rolling down my face when I saw Slim coming my way.He gave me a sincere look,he saw what the eyes weren't capable of.He understood what my mind couldn't.He gave me a hug and told me "It's fine".But it wasn't fine.Nobody has the right to kill a human being.That's not our job,but God's. When he left I knew I couldnt carry on with our dream. I didnt think there was a point in dreaming anymore. The day I killed him was the day everything died.

How I Saw It

Slim: “I ran into the barn when I heard Candy say Curly’s wife died. I was surprised and upset. I couldn't believe my eyes. She was there, on the ground, no breath. I bent down and checked her pulse. Nothing. After everyone got in the barn Curly finds Lennie's hat. I never thought a nice innocent guy like Lennie could actually kill someone. But I had to believe it, the evidence was right in front of me. I wondered how George felt. What was he going to do. He couldn't run away, they would've found them. How long could he last taking care of Lennie. He had his own life ahead of them. I knew if they found Lennie they would kill him, so I warned George. He had to make his decisions himself . Curly freaked out he wanted to kill Lennie any way he can. I didn't think this was going to be fair. Lennie is so innocent and isn't awake about what he does. I looked around I couldn't find George and everyone left to go search for Lennie. After almost half an hour of searching I came to this forest like place with a brush. I couldn't believe it. George had a gun with him. He shot Lennie. It wasn't fair but how long can George keep covering for him i guess he couldn't take it anymore and did the best for everyone. He saved Lennie from his misery. I can tell after Lennie died George wasn't the same anymore. His dream died along with Lennie.

Dear Boss,

Oh Lawd Almighty I'm tired of this.Working hard all day in the sun and getting payed so poorly.Day to day the price of life increases our payment should too.Like this we'll never make a living.Especially right now in the era of the Great Depression.

I want to make enough money to have my own little place,because right now I have nothing.Been working for years,yet never made it nowhere.With times like this we need the money.I don't want to be stuck working in this ranch for the rest of my life.

I want to become someone,be independent,and if God wants even raise a family.Boss touch your soul,please take pity in us.We really do need it.I promise you won't regret your decision.Our hard work should have recognition.


Just Another Worker




TIME- 3/14/1929



PERSONALITY- yearns for attention and tries to act friendly

HOW THEY DIED- murdered

ACTIVITIES- music and watching pictures




TIME- 3/14/1929



PERSONALITY- nice and caring

HOW THEY DIED- murdered

ACTIVITIES- petting animals

AD: Farm and Land for Sale

Step right on up and buy this beautiful farm with a couple of acres.It comes with a 5 room house, a barn with rabbits, a horse, a cow and a pig. It has a very beautiful scenery that you can see through your window. The scenery includes a lake, a forest, a meadow . Start your own new life with this farm. Plant what YOU want to plant . Raise what YOU want to raise. Oh, why, with this farm you can even start your own little business and all it'll cost you is 300 $.
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