Velasco Library Needs YOU!

Library Advisory Committee forming now

Here is your chance to have your voice heard in the library!

In anticipation of an action packed 2015-2016 school year, the Velasco Library is forming an Advisory Committee to ensure we are doing all we can for our teachers, students, and community. An advisory committee will meet regularly to answer questions like these: Is the library open when you need it? Do we have the books and resources you need to teach your classes? How can I get help teaching research? How can I get my students to keep reading over the summer? etc.

Who can be on the committee?

  • Me, the Media Specialist
  • Administration
  • Teachers
  • Paras
  • Staff
  • Community Members
  • Parents

What are some of the things an Advisory Committee does?

  1. Make sure our collection is meeting the needs of teachers
  2. Survey students and teachers to address satisfaction with current policies
  3. Help develop short and long term goals
  4. Identify strategies to facilitate collaboration
  5. Advocate for the school library
  6. Develop programs to encourage the love of reading
  7. Sponsor/coach Name That Book Team

Our First BIG Project!

Our first meeting will be held in the next couple of weeks. Our first project will be a brand new program called "Let Me Read". This program will keep the school library open during the summer to keep kids reading. We will be open once a week for just a few hours. According to research:

"While economically-advantaged kids often have their own bedroom libraries, poor kids usually depend heavily on schools for books to read. Understandably, summer reading loss or "summer setback" is a bigger problem for children from low-income families.

Ready to make a difference?

Please e-mail Mrs. Wessman if you are interested. I will also present this information at the staff meeting on Monday so you can ask questions then.

P.S. I bring great snacks to meetings!