Russian, polish and Chinese immigrants

Russian Immigrants

The Russians brought very important contributions to are state. They brought accordions witch many still use today! One of the most popular holidays happen to come from Russia! That holiday is Easter a holiday were you color eggs with a dye and decorate them. Some of the foods that many still eat today are caviar and spice cakes these also came from Russians. After the revolution in Russia the new government took money from people this was a economic reason. They also took land this was a environmental reason. They also took other things owned by wealthy Russians.

Polish immigrants

cultural contributions of the polish are meeting in clubs to listen to music by Frederic Chopin and other Polish composers. They also perform traditional Polish dances such as the mazurka and the Polonaise. People borrowed books printed in Polish from libraries. Some immigrants came to escape conscription this is a economic reason. Others left to seek better opportunities in America this is an environmental. And some fled from religious persecution.

Chinese immigrants

Some of the Chinese cultural contributions are Chinese new year, a 2 week long festival that is celebrated in January and February. And the moon festival in honor of the full moon. Chinese also use chopsticks a wooden stick used for eating. Chinese also make most of our toys. They make the toys in china and ship them to lots of different states and countries! The reason that the Chinese came to U.S. is because in 1839 to 1842 a war destroyed farmland in china then people could not feed their families because they couldn't farm, this is a environmental reason. In 1850 to 1864 floods and droughts also made Chinese people start looking for other countries to move to.

By : Skylar