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January Edition 2021

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January is National Blood Donor Month

Now is the perfect time to resolve to be a regular blood donor and help save lives. Extreme winter weather in some parts of the country and seasonal illnesses often make it difficult for the American Red Cross to maintain a sufficient blood supply at this time of year. Want to learn more about blood donation and why it is important?

Why Mindfulness Is a Superpower: An Animation

Time for a Resolution to Try Mindful Breathing

Mindful breathing is one of the simplest forms of meditation, and one of the best ways to practice living in the present moment. Training your mind to focus on one thing (your breathing) without bouncing from one thought to the next is a great way to manage stress, calm your mind and improve your overall well being!

One of the many benefits of mindfulness meditation is it helps promote a good nights sleep, in addition to lowering your resting heart rate and blood pressure. Practicing mindful breathing (or some form of meditation) has also been shown to reduce stress and anxiety, reduce negative emotions and sharpen your concentration skills. The best part, it only take five minutes and can be done almost anywhere. Take five minutes today on your lunch break or right before you head home to practice this simple mindful breathing exercise.

Headspace | Mini meditation | Breathe

November Challenge Prize Winners

Thank you to all who engaged in the November Wellness and Gratitude Challenge. Together, we recorded 219 participants in the calendar and 239,645 steps!

Top 5 Participants:

Deb Peterson 772,779 steps

Jonathan Shevy 610,637 steps

Alison Anderson 523,711 steps

Amanda Bomstad 509,933 steps

Jaclyn Rademaker 495,883 steps

Site Representatives who documented 20% of their site employees completed 21 days & 210,000 steps:

Heather Coopman - District Office

Angela Weir - Franklin Elementary

Heather Hedin - Rosa Parks Elementary

Beth Baker - Roosevelt Elementary

Angie Blackstad - Adult Basic Education

Vonda Schlie - Futures/Insight

Patty Gappa - Prairie Winds Middle School

Katie Woitas - Dakota Meadows Middle School

Jill Mueller - Rosa Parks Elementary

Amber Leonhardi - Jefferson Elementary

Amelia Jirak -Jefferson Elementary

Scott Klinkner - Central High School/Central Freedom School

Danielle Yungerberg - Franklin Elementary

Randomly Selected Prize Winners:

Sarah Payne

Mark Zenk

Martha Speckel

Greg Summers

Collene Rezac

Tami Benson

Emma Sill

Cathy Schluter

Linnea Wilson

Kari Healy


We Couldn't Resist!

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