PreK Newsletter

Mrs. Floyd's class

Classroom News - Month of May

We enjoyed learning about bugs--insects and spiders.

We will learn about dinosaurs next.

We are continuing to work on beginning sounds/letter/picture association. For example: B says /b/. Boy and bike begin with the letter B. What else begins with B?

We are using small cubes or other objects to tell addition and subtraction stories. You can try this at home also with 10 small objects. For example: Have a group of 10 pennies. Say: " I had 2 pennies and then I found 4 more pennies. How many pennies would I have in all?" Let your child move the correct number of pennies into a different group. Or use Cheerio cereal. I had 10 pieces of cereal. I ate 7 pieces. Now how many are left over?

We are working on making patterns with colors and shapes- ABAB, ABCABC and other patterns.

Important Dates

May 22- The older grades will have field day. PreK will have a shortened version of games. AM Parents may attend from 9:45-10:15 and stay for lunch with your child from 10:20-10:50.

PM parents may sign in to eat lunch with your child from 11:55-12:25 and stay for our games from 12:40-1:10

May 23-Awards Day--- Every child will get at least one award. AM class awards will begin at 8:00am. PM class awards begin at 1:15.

May 24- End of school party Last day-AM class comes from 7:40-9:30. PM class comes from 10-11:50. Early release is noon.

Email any time

You may email any time you have a question, compliment or concern.


If your child is sick, please call the school office, send me an email or text on REMIND. Upon return to school, send a written note or doctor excuse.