Medieval Europe

Families and Education


Education was not recognized until it became successful.
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-Children would go to cathedrals to receive their lessons

-Boys were mostly in school

-The main method of learning is memorizing

-Seven liberal arts was taught for elites

-Trivium consisted of grammar and logic

-Quadrivium was more scientific

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-Girls were sent to other households to learn sewing and weaving

-Children also learned from their parents

-it was very important to remember what the teacher said


How was their home life

Their home life was pretty chill, the children had their fate decided for them while the father worked to put food on the table and the wife were basic house wives and would cook and clean and stuff like that.

What happened when the children got older

The male child would go do something productive in the world and get married to someone they picked while the female child would get forced into marriage and become a house wife.

why Family is important

It is important because it helps populate the earth and keep on spreading the family name and family will always be their for you when you ned them. All in all having family in your life is chill.
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