SAC Update!

September 24, 2015

Interim Assessment Window 1

Despite a few false starts, the end of the testing window has arrived (or for Acuity will be finishing October 8, 2015) . Thank you all for your hard work during this first testing window.

We will be sending you a survey in the next few weeks asking for feedback about both Acuity and Aspire. Please let us know your thoughts about what went well, what were challenges and suggestions you may have for us in Accountability and Research and for the test vendors.


The Instructional Coordinators and Teaching Partners will be learning about reports on October 2 and October 9 and will be supporting your buildings with how to use the assessment reports to support instruction.

If you need guidance now, please go to our website to view power point information and help sheets for both ACT Aspire and Acuity. You can also go directly to the ACT Aspire and Acuity Websites to view instructional resources.

ACT Aspire:


ACT Aspire Periodic

All the Interim 1 Assessments have been closed. Reporting is available now.


Acuity Reported Issues:

All Grades:

Constructed response test “timing out”:

· Acuity will time out after 30 minutes of no activity. We have discovered that typing in the response box does not count as activity. This will be fixed prior to the next assessment window, however if you know your student will take longer than 30 minutes to type, here are a few suggestions from the field:

  • At 15 minutes, have the student move to a new question and then return. The keystroke will register as activity and reset the time.
  • Have students save and exit mid-way through the test.
  • Have students write responses on paper.

Materials Needed:

Grade 6, 7 and 8

· Calculators may be used when indicated only. If doing paper and pencil assessment, please have them available.

· Protractor and ruler needed for Grade 8 (and possibly Grade 7) test.

Acuity is currently working on:

Log in issues for teachers and students

Duplicate student records

Assessments not populating correctly.

If you continue to have issues with this or any other new issues, please call us as soon as possible with the following information:

Student name and id number

Assessment the student is currently taking or is having trouble with

A brief description of the issue

Any additional information you can provide that might help us solve your issue.