America is...

America is CONTINUOUSLY DEVELOPING. When America was first discovered in 1492 by Christopher Columbus, the start of a whole new developing nation began. From the 13 colonies, to the development of constitutions, to the election of the first president, to the migration to more lands of America, to mass wars, from segregation to anti-segregation, to the attack on twin towers, to where American is right now. America has continuously developed itself from the begin to now. Many historical events has molded America into what it is today. To a standing nation. A standing nation made up of a strong developing body.

My Visual Representation!

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My visual representation shows the development of America through a building. As the flip book starts its the building at its bare minimum but as the book goes on the building begins to develop and be built. The building represents America and its growth, as well as the little detailed aspects that add to the building as the book goes on are different aspects in history that helped develop America into what it is today. Each level of the building that is being added adds on an important level of history that help develop America into what it is today. This flip book symbolizes how America is continuously developing from history to now. With the flip book starting with the beginning of America where there's rural land ending with the Vietnam war. To really show how America is developing from history as the flip book goes on the aspects of history are added they never leave. They stay there to show that each of these levels built up America.