Robotic Engineering

Build tomorrows future

What Do Robotic Engineering Do?

The field robotic engineer has a versatile list of possible jobs. With the amount of robots already in the fields of malfunctioning there are plenty of opportunity's to repair and maintain them. As well as the opportunity to design and create new robots.

What Does it Take To Be a Robotic Engineer?

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recommends that engineers earn a bachelor's degree at minimum, but those aiming to excel in their careers would be wise to follow up with a two-year master's degree program in their chosen field. Robotics engineers come from a variety of engineering backgrounds, most notably mechanical, electrical, and software engineering, though some schools do offer programs in robotics engineering specifically.

What is the Job out look for a robotic engineer?

The field is growing slightly slower then average. But there is a prediction that the field will increase between 3 and 7 present from 2012 to 2022. And it was also published that the median salary earned by robotics engineers in 2012 was $92,030 a year.