Sequoyah Phoenix Weekly Newsletter 5/12/23

Principal's Message

Good Morning Sequoyah Families,

There are not many new updates. We are still focused on state testing. 6th grade starts testing next week and 7th and 8th grade finish up.

As a reminder, the May state assessments are an important tool for evaluating our scholar’s academic progress and determining the effectiveness of our teaching practices. They provide us with valuable insights into each scholar’s strengths and areas of improvement, which can help us tailor our instruction to better meet their needs. Furthermore, the results of these assessments can impact your child's academic future. Scores can be used for placement and future courses.

It is essential to encourage your child to take these assessments seriously and do their best. Here are a few tips to help them prepare:

  • Encourage them to get a good night's sleep and eat a healthy breakfast before the exam.

  • Remind them to read the instructions carefully and take their time.

  • Encourage them to use their critical thinking skills to solve problems and answer questions.

  • Support them with positive affirmations and encouragement.

  • Be on time for school.

  • Leave cell phones and smartwatches at home during testing days. (If they are at school during the test, they will have to be put in backpacks or a bag away from their desk.) You can always reach your scholar through the front office if needed.

We appreciate your partnership and ensuring your child's success. If you have any questions about the assessment or how to support your child, please don't hesitate to contact us.

The schedule is as follows:

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Family Academy: Supporting Successful Transitions, May 25 from 6-7:30 p.m.

Moving up to a new grade can be both exciting and intimidating. Children and families often have questions about what is to come next, including academic expectations, how to navigate social norms, and more.

At the next Family Academy event, Supporting Successful Transitions, students and families can get empowered with resources to support various milestone transitions to look ahead to the upcoming school year with confidence. Be sure to attend on Thursday, May 25, from 6-7:30 p.m. at Star Lake Elementary or through Zoom to prepare your child for a smooth transition at every grade level.

Interpreters are available, and families who attend in person can enjoy a hot dinner and free childcare for potty-trained children 5 years and older.

Browse workshops and register at www.fwps.org/RegisterForFamilyAcademy.

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After School Tutoring

As a reminder we are offering a after-school tutoring program with our Sequoyah Alumni. Tutoring takes place every Tuesday and Thursday from 2:30-3:30 with staff supervision. As there are no activity buses, you will have to provide transportation home. This is a wonderful opportunity for your scholar to take advantage of extra academic support.

2023 Youth Leadership Conference

There is an upcoming Youth Leadership Conference that will be on June 3rd, at Surprise Lake Middle School in Milton, WA. This is for scholars in grades 7-12.

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Upcoming Dates

5/15- 7th/8th grade SBA testing

5/16-5/23 6th grade SBA testing

5/24- Early Release, 1:00pm

5/29- No school- Memorial Day

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What's Happening in Sports?

This Week in Athletics

5/15- 3:50 V Baseball TAF/SGH v SEQ @ TBHS

5/16- 3:50 Track-ILL v KIL v SEQ v TAF/SGH @ TBHS

5/18- 3:50 Volleyball ILL @ SEQ

5/19- 3:50 Volleyball-ILL v SEQ @ TBHS

We love having our scholars and families attend our sporting events! As a reminder these are expectations for attending sporting events for scholars:

  • Scholars must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Scholars must be in class to attend sporting events. This means that they cannot have any truancies (no skipping class) during the week of the event.

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Together We Rise!

In partnership,

Sara Jackson

Interim Principal

Sequoyah Middle School