Life During the 1700's

A Look into the 1700's

Composers from the 1700's

There were many composer during the 1700's but the most famous ones were Johann Sebastian Bach, George Frederick Handel, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Art During the 1700's


Baroque style paintings were huge, colorful, and full of excitement. They glorified historic battles or the lives of saints.


Rococco was very different then Baroque. It was different because it's style was more elegant, personal, and charming. Many furniture's and tapestries had many delicate shells and flowers. The painters showed the noble subjects in charming rural settings, surrounded by happy servants and pets.

Peasant Life in the 1700's

Most peasants lived in small rural areas. The life's of peasants varied in parts of Europe. Many peasants worked in their own patches of land. Other peasants still lived with tenants paying a yearly salary rent for the land they owned. These peasants went to many different towns to find work also. If they got lucky they would become an apprentice to someone who was looking. Peasants liked watching cockfighting or bear bating for their entertainment.