Grand Canyon

The most visited canyon

Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is the most visited canyon. It is a national park of the United States. It is the biggest canyon above ground, the Mariana Trench however is the largest/biggest canyon but it is under the Pacific Ocean.


One challenge the Grand Canyon is facing right now is that some people are mining into it for resources and one resource in uranium and it might pollute the Colorado river. Another challenge is that some people have actually fall to their death in the Grand Canyon.


Some opportunities are that scientist can see all the erosion and all the rocks that have happened through time easier to know about, some of the rocks there are over a billion years old, and we can find some fossils in the Grand Canyon too.

Travel Tips

You go and walk down the canyon all the way down to the bottom i suggest you try walking down it for a while then head back up. They have a shop that you can buy souvenirs from if you want to buy anything like that. There are bus tours i suggest you try riding on some of those.

Packing List

Bring a jacket in case its cold, keep a water bottle near you at all times, bring some money for the shops, and a camera to remember your memories there.

If you liked the Grand Canyon....

Then you will love to see the Pacific ocean, and the Mariana Tench in it.