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Your New Kit...

Yay! For those of you who purchased a premium starter kit last month I am so excited for you to start loving your oils and diffuser.

Check out this video for a great way to start using your oils.

Roller Bottles
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A September Giveaway!!!

Step 1: Share your love for Young Living Oils with others. Tell how you are using oils, how I have had so much success with oils, the things you are excited to use oils for, etc.

Step 2: Have someone sign up to be a member and purchase a starter kit from me in the month of September. Click HERE for the link to share with others.

Step 3: When someone you know has purchased a kit you will receive a $20 credit on your YL account, yay! You will also be entered to win a bottle of Peace & Calming oil (the oil that saved my sanity).

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Did You Know...

All bugs hate the smell of peppermint oil.