Scientific Revolution

what was the change?

Ptolemy & Aristotle said geocentric model is the sun,planets, and the moon all moved around the earth,which is the center of the universe in the circular orbits.

It showes the geocentric theory --------------->

Who were the people associated with the change?

Johannes kepler astronomer who prove the heliocentric model was true. Galileo a math professor who prove the Aristotle nature theories wrong. Isaac Newton discover the law of universal gravitation,mathmatical principles of nature, and he also was a philosophere.

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How did the change impact society at the time?

The church officials disagreed to the heliocentric theory. People were confused and some didnt know what to believe. The church didnt like Galileo's work. they threatened Galileo with tortue. Kept him in a house arrest until he die.

Galileo in house arrest till his death --------------->

How was the change evidenced in todays modern day?

Today with newer technology we know the truth. So no one now a days think the sun,planets,and the moon go around the earth. We believed god was the creator of the universe. All the parts work perfectly all can be explain threw math.

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