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Civil War in 1914-1918, US did not enter until 1917. US entered as ally.

Roaring Twenties. Assembly line, radio, toaster, fridge, washing machine, TV

Titanic sunk.

Stock market crash. Started the Great Depression in 1929.

Short story

"A Soldiers Home" is a story about a young man named Harold Krebs. Harold is in the U.S. military and was sent to fight in WWI and fought in some of the worst and bloodiest battles. Once the war was over he returned to his home state of Oklahoma with his parents who did not understand him anymore. Although he had just gone through a traumatic experience and was depressed, his parents did not seem to care.


At first Krebs...did not want to talk about the war at all. Later he felt the need to talk but no one wanted to hear about it".

"...the young girls had grown up...they lived in such a complicated world of already defined alliances...that (he) did not feel the energy or the courage to break into it".

"He wanted to live along without consequences".

"...the world they were in was not the world he was in".

"You did not need a girl unless you thought about them. He learned that in the Army"

"There can be no idle hands in His Kingdom"

"I'm not in His Kingdom".

"I don't love anybody",

"...none of it had touched him".

“Nothing was changed in the town except that the young girls had grown up.”