Canada's second largest province

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The climate of Ontario varies by the season and location. It is affected by three air sources: cold,dry, and arctic air from the north. The surrounding great lakes really effect the climate region of southern Ontario. During the fall and winter months, heat stored from the lakes is released, moderating the climate near the shores of the lakes. This gives some parts of southern Ontario weaker winters than mid-continental areas at lower latitudes.Parts of southwestern Ontario have a moderate humid continental climate, similar to that of the inland Mid-Atlantic states and great lakes portion of the Midwestern United States. The region has warm to hot, humid summers and cold winters.


The history of Ontario is pretty interesting so here it is. In 1792 the four districts were renamed; Hesse was the western district, Lunenburg was the eastern district, Mecklenburg was the midland district, and Nassau was the home district. Counties were created within these districts. By 1798, there were eight districts eastern, home, johnstown, London, Midland, Newcastle, Niagra, and western. By 1826, there were eleven districts Bathurst, Eastern, Gore, Home, Johnstown, London, Midland, Newcastle, Niagra, Ottawa, and Western. By 1838, there were twenty districts Bathurst, Brock, Colbourne, Dalhousie, Eastern, Gore, Home, Huron, Johnstown, London, Midland, Newcastle, Niagra, Ottawa, Prince Edward, Simcoe, Talbot, Victoria, Wellington, and Western. By 1849, the districts of southern Ontario were abolished by the Province of Canada, and county governments took over municipal responsibilities. The Province of Canada also began creating districts in sparsely populated Northern Ontario with the establishment of Algoma District and Nipissing District in 1852. Well those were some old facts on the history of Ontario.

Food and Culture

These are some sports that are in Ontario. The province of Ontario has two National Hockey League teams: Toronto Maple Leafs and Ottawa Senators and three Canadian Football Leagues: Hamilton Tiger-Cats, Toronto Argonauts and Ottawa Redblacks. The Toronto Blue Jays, Toronto Raptors and the Toronto FC are all Major League Baseball(MLB), National Basketball Association(NBA) and Major League Soccer team, however the Ottawa Fury FC play professionally in the second tier North America Soccer League. These are some of the rodes and how people from Ontario get around. Historically, the province has two major east-west routes, both starting from Montreal in the neighboring province of Quebec. The northerly route, which was mostly pioneered by early fur trades travels west from Montreal along the Ottawa River, then continues northwestward towards Manitoba. Major cities on or near the route include Ottawa, North Bay, Sudbury, Saultm Ste . Marie, and Thunder Bay. The southerly route, which was driven by growth in settlements originated by the United Empire Loyalist and later other European immigrants, travels south west from Montreal along the St Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, and Lake Erie before entering the United States in Michigan. Major cities on or near the route include Kingston, Oshawa, Toronto, Mississauga, Kitchener-Waterloo, Hamilton, London, Sarnia, and Winsor. This route was also used a lot by the immigrants to the Midwestern US particular in the late 19th century.

Fun places to visit

One fun place you'll want to see in Ontario is Toronto. Toronto is the capital of Ontario. A few fun things you can do in Toronto is go to a amusement park with the family, also there bare indoor and outdoor ones too! Toronto has some beaches so if you like to be in the sun and sand it your feet this is a good place for you. Also if you like playing in the water why not go to a beach and while you are there you could make a sand castle. They also have some art galleries so if you like art you head to one because there are some great art. If you want to know about some history or cultures you could go to a museum. One of the famous landmarks is CN tower. Make sure to check out Toronto's parks, there are golf parks, ice rinks, ski hills, and gardens. Toronto has one of the largest malls so make sure to get a souvenir or two there. Also if you wanna go see something live head to one of Toronto's theaters. Toronto has a few sports teams like the Toronto Raptors, Toronto Blue Jays, and Toronto Argonauts. Also last but not least check out there zoo's and aquariums so you can see some sea creatures or an animal you didn't know existed. Another cool place to check out is Ottawa, it is Canada's Capital. It has glass-and-granite national gallery. It is cool in the winter to go to Ottawa because you can go ice skating and mostly do the same things as in Toronto.

Fun Facts

Ontario has many places to go and lots of things to do. Ontario is the second largest province in Canada. Northern Ontario is rich in forest, minerals, and hydroelectric power. Dr. Roberta Bondar was Canada's first female astronaut. Those are only some facts about Canada that I didn't list before.