By Margaret Peterson Haddix

The Missing, Book One

Imagine finding a letter addressed to you that says, "You are one of the missing?" Meet Jonah, your typical 13-year-old, who finds out he might not be who he thought he was. From a baby-smuggling ring to time-traveling through history, follow Jonah, his sister Katherine, and his new friend Chip as they search for answers and dodge unknown dangers just in the nick of time.

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What is the genre?

This book is science fiction because of the time travel, but it's also a mix of adventure, mystery, and historical fiction. Science Fiction is dominant because the plot couldn't happen without the ability to travel through time.


Jonah, the main character tells the story throughout the series.


This story travels from present day to several places and times in history.

Recommended by: Jane Scott

I really liked this book! I give it a 5 paw rating!