Will justice truly prevail? Is there really justice at all?

Kagamine Len - Super Hero (スーパーヒーロー)

Leave it up to me because I'M A SUPER HERO!!

What did you do every Saturday morning? Did you watch cartoons? Were they about men in flowing red capes, catching the bad guys and prevailing above all? Then this story might be a little familiar.

Meet Len, ten years old and glued to the television screen. His favourite shows are the ones with caped crusaders and mystic mighty folk. He's always wanted to be just like them, the world could use some saving after all!

Now meet Red Lightning, who looks about seventeen or so. He's your friendly neighbourhood super hero. He picks up trash, tracks down people's lost cats, stops bullies in their tracks and punishes thieves for stealing bags!

He's had a good run, but what will become of him when he questions the authority and wonders if the justice he's giving out... is really justice at all?

And so, another hero will rise to save you To protect the world and maybe me too ...

If I stopped saving you, would you even care?!

Superhero, a short radio drama based off Nem's song starring Vocaloid Kagamine Len. The song has an upbeat melody and appears to be happy, but things quickly take a turn for the worse.

First in a long line of radio dramas by Beat Chronicle. Auditions are opening soon on VAA.