Welcome to Dividia!

Somewhere where you're in your rightful place!

How it all started...

Before the powerful nation of Dividia was created because the world was a wreck because of world war 3, the cause of this war was because of a feud blue eyed people and brown eyed people had. It all started because the brown eyed people called the blue qyed people guosts because they're eyes were so light so the bel eyed people said they were demons because they're eyes were so dark. This war destroyed the world and only left the a small space that was once called the United Stated of America and you now know as Dividia. The founders of Dividia united and created your new home!

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How it works...

The nation of Dividia is divided into two secteurs for your safety, to prevent any feud, Dividia chose that the best resolution was to separate the world that is left into two secteurs (secteur 1, secteur 2) representing your eye color. You will find that this system will please you the best and you are guaranteed to have a good time.

The rules...

To become a proud member of Dividia you must follow these few rules so you can enjoy your happy days in our nation!

1/ You must always stay in your assigned section.

2/You must always wear your assigned clothing acording to your secteur

3/You must be in your dwelling from 7 pm to 8 am everyday.

4/You must not choose your own profession.

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