Let Us Clarify This For You!

Avondale High School Media Center

Thursday, Feb. 4th, 7pm

2800 Waukegan Street

Auburn Hills, MI

Some of you have been confused about tonight's Scores Back Session.

Tonight's session is for students and/or parents to get scores back from the Jan. 15 PRACTICE SAT given by the Princeton Review. If your student did not take this practice test, you should not attend tonight.

The PSAT is a DIFFERENT TEST. The PSAT is the "PRELIMINARY" SAT. It is a real test.

  • For Juniors, who took the PSAT in the fall and who recently got their score reports back from the College Board, this test counts as the National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test.
  • Freshmen will be taking a version of this test--the "PSAT 8/9"--this spring.
  • Sophomores will be taking another version--the "PSAT 10"--this spring.