Weekly Glimpse

From Fourth Grade

Language Arts

Students started our new book, Out of My Mind, this week. Ask about the main character, Melody, and the type of struggles she experiences. I'm sure your child will be eager to share what they've learned about Melody.

Reading skills we focused on this week:

- use new vocabulary

- recognizing figurative language in text and how that "shows" more than "tells" (our novel is full of figurative language)

- inference

- predictions

Parts of speech:

- possessive nouns and pronouns

Next week:

We'll continue with our novel and discussion on what it means to be compassionate and patient with people who are different than ourselves. And, our judgments of others are sometimes way off!

Beginning a writing piece on "What I Like About Fall".

Teacher's Note

- Students are off for Monday, Columbus Day

- Conferences are coming up the end of the month and you will be able to schedule your own times on PCR beginning October 16th.

- Thank you for the pencils! :)