February 14, 2014....................Volume 6, Issue 24

Dreams matter

"Martin Luther King had a dream that led to a movement of equality. Steve Jobs dreamed of changing the way we view technology. Edison dreamed of the light bulb, and Lincoln dreamed he could use his influence to end slavery … Dreams matter.

Do you have a dream? Let me remind you that having a dream is not enough. If you intend to reach it you must take a step toward it." Gravitt, Randy.

Building Open

If you are eager to get into the building...I will open at 10 AM - 2 PM on Friday.

Thank you, Cheri Jones!

We appreciate you checking on the school and the animals on Thursday!

Snapshot of Collaboration and Professional Learning Next Week:


Feb. 17 >>>Collab. in the PL Room. Please bring your Laptop with your electronic RBES and your printed copy of your RBES.


1. What does the data tell me about my students – Reading, Writing, and Math? (Please complete the RBES template prior to Monday's Collab.)

Grade Level Teams, Admin.



Feb. 18 >>>Faculty Meeting 3:10 PM – Lab A,B,C


1. What are some ways we can integrate technology in our lessons to ENGAGE students at high level?

2. What is your mission as an educator?

Tracy Parrish, Susan Queen, Jeff Conley, Grade Level Teams



Feb. 19>>>Today you will work with your grade level teams for Collaborative Learning/Planning.

CIL Team...please ensure that each member of your grade level can answer the following:


1. Do I have everything I need to effectively teach the AKS/CCGPS for the next two weeks?

2. Could someone use the lesson plans I have on the desk to teach my students for the next two weeks?

3. How can I assist my grade level team in gathering materials/supplies to teach our instructional calendar for the next two weeks?

Grade Level Teams, Instructional Coaches, if needed.

Here's What's Coming the Next Two Weeks!
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Safety and Security

Please continue to remind your own children (if they are here with you) and your students from your classroom to never open a door for an adult. Likewise, if you see an adult (or a visitor) in the building without a name tag, please escort him/her to the front office! As you know, we can never be too careful!