Tighten the Trigger

Help support tighter gun control laws.

Gun violence is responsible for many deaths/injuries in the US.

Handguns kill thousands of people each year in homicides, accidental shootings, and robberies, (O'Donnell). We lose an estimated of about 30,000 people die each year from firearms. These weapons also account for 70,000 injures, (Collazo).

  • An Average of 87 deaths per day, (Everitt)

There have been too many Gun-Free Zone shootings.

In the past 17 years there have been more than seven mass shootings in America. Most of these shootings were planned and took place in gun free zones. The most sickening part of it, is that many children have died from this violence. There are few appropriate places for guns, but schools are not one of those, other than SRO's. Tragedies like the Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting (2012), and the Columbine High School Shooting (1999), were horrific and saddening, (Everitt).

Some of the shooters

Help Lessen the Violence

More Gun Control Laws Will Lead to Fewer Suicides

Between 1999 and 2013 there were over 270,237 firearm suicides in the U.S. That is an average of 52% of all suicides. The International Review of Law and Economics published and article saying when gun ownership went down, so did the number of suicides. It was also said that a person is least likely to kill themselves with poison or a knife, when a gun is not available, (Gun Control)