Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

May 6

PBS Focus of the Week -

We have had a great start to our PBS Challenge! Teachers have done a great job practicing expectations and reinforcing with positive, while stopping to reteach when needed.

Here is the schedule for next week:

Monday - Hallway

Tuesday - Cafeteria

Wednesday - Specials

Thursday - Playground

Friday - Cafeteria

Our Character Trait for the month is FORGIVENESS.

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Duties for the Week

Please see your schedule in the handbook for Charger Time duty.

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Calendar of Events:

Monday, May 9

*PBS Challenge Setting - Hallway

*TW5 for 504 (Pistel, Haugen)

*IEP for LE- K 12:30 (Treat, Haugen, Connelly, Cummins, Steinman)

*Staffing for CP (Connelly, Haugen, Frank, Lock, Russler, Cummins)

*PBS mtg 3:45

Tuesday, May 10

*PBS Challenge Setting - Cafeteria

*3rd grade plan time discussion 10:00

*Tech mtg - Lemons and Haugen 11:00

*2nd grade plan time discussion 2:15

Wednesday, May 11

*PBS Challenge Setting - Specials

*School Nurse Day

*JR4 IEP (Albers, Haugen, Treat) 9:10

*ZS - K IEP (Kloster, Haugen, Cummins) 12:35

*CW - K Staffing/Service plan 2:00 (Cummins, Haugen, Bray)

*Staff meeting 3:45

Thursday, May 12

*PBS Challenge Setting - Playground

*3rd grade reading/writing celebration 8:15

*Elementary Principal's meeting (Sue at Central Office 8:00 - 11:00)

*LD - K IEP 3:30 (Cummins, Haugen, Bray)

Friday, May 13

*PBS Challenge Setting - Cafeteria

*Kindergarten reading/writing celebration 8:00

*TST for DB3 (Frank, Haugen, Bodenhamer)

*Safety Patrol Picnic 11:30 - 2:00

*RG- K IEP 12:30

*CJ - 1 Staffing/IEP 1:30

Monday, May 16

*Sports Day 12 - 3

*Summer School mtg 3:30 in library

*Leadership Team mtg 3:45

Tuesday, May 17

*Grades 3-5 Awards Assembly 8:30

*Grades k-2 Awards Assembly 1:20

*Staffing for KH3 (Treat, Kimble, Haugen, Frank, Cummins) 3:30

*PTO mtg 6:30

Wednesday, May 18

*5th grade promotion 9:30

*JN1 Service Plan 3:30 (Treat, Haugen, etc.)

Thursday, May 19

*Grade cards go home

*School dismissed at 12:15 for students

*Luncheon for staff

*Full day for staff

*End of Year Celebration at Sue's house 4:30

Sports Day - May 16th

Specials and lunch schedules will adjusted for the day. The specials schedule is below. Kate Kuse, our PTO organizer, will be getting details to you regarding stations and schedule for events.
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Nuts and Bolts

1. Sports/Field Day will be Monday, May 16th. There will be an adjusted schedule for specials and lunch, which will be a sack lunch in classrooms.

2. Open Enrollment Process

JCPS Open Enrollment period starts Friday, May 6, 2016 through end-of-day Monday, May 16, 2016. Beginning Friday, May 6, 2016, you must enroll online through the Jefferson City Public School District’s benefits system, Bswift, to make your 2016-2017 benefit elections:

  • Bswift site:
  • Username = firstname.lastname
  • Password = {you established a new password last spring during open enrollment} If you've forgotten your password, there is a Forgot-Password link on the page.

Employees may login to the open enrollment website as many times as they wish, and make changes at any time through the May 16 deadline. Instructions on how to enroll can be found on the JCPS Bswift enrollment website ( under Library.

3. Summer Professional Development opportunities are posted! Check out the ICLE curriculum launches in July for your respective grade level. This will provide a chance for grade level teachers to learn more about the essentials, the scope/sequence, units and assessments. This will also let teachers collaborate for a short time with grade level colleagues from across the district. Get signed up now!

Looking Forward

1. Still willing to have other help with the bookroom work to make it a more accessible and effective resource next year. Please let me know if you are willing!

2. If you are not under contract for additional days due to being in your first 3 years in the district, you will return on August 15th.

  • We are thinking Opening Session will take place on Monday the 15th.
  • The Elementary School Open Houses will be on Tuesday evening, August 16th, from 5:00- 7:00. (This is a change from recent years due to concerns with additional work to do after open house and avoiding this late night right before school starts.)
  • We will likely have 4-6 hours of focused PD around ICLE and behavior intervention and support.

I want you to have the information you need to plan effectively so you can have your classroom ready to go. I know you take pride in having a classroom that is welcoming to students and lets families know you are ready for a great year.

You make a difference!

I came across this on Facebook and thought is was PERFECT for this time of year. Teachers are tired and our students still need us, some more so now than ever.

Thank you for being a positive presence in the lives of our children, even when you are tired!

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